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Question   your fabulous window
Looked all over the internet to find windows like the ones on my 1925 home. Vavoom !! picture 3 in your gallery. Was this actually taken in Italy. If so, where? Just wondering because my vintage home was inspired from that architecural window treatment. I live in Florida.

- Carol Donaldson September 25, 2009

  Answer Carol,

Nice to get your email! The windows shown were in Montepulciano as best as I can remember. We were in Tuscany for 2 weeks a year ago and I'm a little uncertain which hillside town this was taken at. I'm thinking you must have a nice home!

- Steve Pinzon  September 26, 2009

  Answer Way to go on this essay, helepd a ton.

- Lucka Lucka  August 17, 2011

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Question   All of your work.
Your comment on my Hwy 58 , prompted me to come and take a look at your gallery and I am glad I did! Your love for photography shows! Pat

- Patricia A. Stalter April 16, 2009

  Answer Pat,

Thanks for the kind words, and thanks for checking out my gallery. I still have a lot to learn, but it is a fun process!

- Steve Pinzon  April 16, 2009

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Question   Brea Fires
What street were you on where they let you get that close? I got a couple of good shots from at State College and Bastanchury; but the police would not let get to where I wanted to go which may have been a good thing...

- Thomas J. Sebourn February 25, 2009

  Answer Thomas,

I was driving West on Lambert and looked out my window to see the hillside on fire that leads up to Brea High School (Lambert/Pointe).
We were behind a couple of restaurants and between a large office building, so it was all asphalt where we were. As long as we stayed about 15 feet from the street, the firemen let us stay and watch and take pictures.
I learned the hard way that water drops are not exact! About 5 seconds after you think the water has hit the fire, the residual spray hits you and your camera.
Since it was mainly just brush burning where I was it was actually quite exciting. Much more sobering over in Yorba Linda where most of the homes burned.
Thanks for looking,

- Steve Pinzon  February 25, 2009

  Answer I was working and couldn't get up there to shoot...thanks for your comment on my pic-- great website here!!

- Robert K. Bemus  February 27, 2009

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